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Fartown Christian Fellowship
Carlisle Road, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 8LP England


Fundamental to all our beliefs is that of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. We do not believe that the Bible teaches that someone is a Christian simply because they were baptised as an infant, or live in a Christian country or even regularly attend a Christian church. We believe that a Christian is someone who has opened their own life to Christ and asked Him to be both Saviour and Lord.


We believe very strongly that salvation brings change. If Christ is Lord we begin to live to please Him. All change is not produced overnight, but someone who is a true convert to Christ will be striving to live a clean life and sin or wrongdoing will be something which they cannot easily live with.


We believe that all Christians should expect this second experience as their birthright in Christ. You do not need to be baptised in the Spirit to be a Christian, but all Christians need the experience to live their Christian lives to the full. Many people who are not baptised in the Spirit do know God deeply, of that there is no doubt, but so did the disciples. Before they received this experience they were used mightily by God – they were used even more mightily afterwards. At the other end of the scale young Christians just beginning to know God can receive such a strengthening when baptised in the Spirit.


We do not baptise infants, as we cannot find justification for this anywhere in the Bible. We have services of dedication, where parents express their desire to bring their child up to know God and to teach them the way of salvation. But a child becomes a Christian by their own decision, not by means of baptism.

Baptismal services involve full immersion in water and are for those who have taken Christ as Saviour. These services are a public declaration of faith by those being baptised.


We believe in the return of Jesus Christ to this world and that His return is drawing near. We believe that at His coming there will be a dividing of humanity which will be eternal and that in the light of that coming it is essential both to keep our own lives right before God and to take the message of Christ to as many people as possible.

What We Believe