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Thoughts for the Week

Throughout the lockdown period I have enjoyed listening to the garden birds, particularly the blackbirds, as they sing their beautiful songs. The blackbirds have purpose in their singing - partly to attract a mate of course, but also they are announcing to any other blackbird in the area that this territory is claimed. Their territory is the most valuable thing that they possess, thus they will do whatever it takes to protect it, for themselves and for their offspring.

What is the most precious thing in our lives, that we need to protect? Not only, like the blackbird, just through the springtime, or even just through the lockdown period, but throughout our lives? The foundation of our Christian lives is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything that we think, that our life is about, is all about Jesus - our friendship with Him, our worship, an ever deepening relationship with Christ.

We have an enemy, one who prowls around like a roaring lion in his attempt to destroy this relationship. We must do all we can to guard every part of our lives, and think seriously how we can do this. The blackbird sings. Singing, either out loud or in our hearts, is a good way to keep our minds fixed on Jesus and keep close to Him. And pray, asking the Lord to show us what we should be doing. As we pray and read the Bible God will show us, individually, what steps we need to take.

As the world looks at us, let them see us rejoicing in Christ. We know we are in a battle, but as we make melody in our hearts then those around us will see the joy in our lives, and will be drawn themselves to our Saviour.

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Fairest of all the earth beside

Chiefest of all unto Thy bride

Fullness divine in Thee I see

Beautiful Man of Calvary


Granting the sinner life and peace

Granting the captive sweet release

Shedding His blood to make us free

Merciful Man of Calvary


Giving the gifts obtained for men

Pouring out love beyond our ken

Giving us spotless purity

Bountiful Man of Calvary


Comfort of all my earthly way

Jesus I’ll meet Thee some sweet day

Centre of glory Thee I’ll see

Wonderful Man of Calvary



That Man of Calvary

Has won my heart from me

And died to set me free

Blest Man of Calvary